Meet Kallayah Henderson


I am a graduate student at Northwestern University and an artist. As a PhD student at Northwestern University I am a part of the Technology and Social Behavior Program, a joint doctoral program in Communication Studies and Computer Science. My research interests lie within the intersections of learning as a social behavior, educational technology design, creativity, and liberatory education for historically oppressed peoples.Prior to joining NU I completed my Bachelors of Science in Information, Communication, and Technology at Florida State University. Explore this site to view my research, academic projects, and art work. Thank you for visiting my portfolio - Kallayah Henderson

Recent Projects

Papers, presentations, and more

Reflection Rooms

The transition from in-person to distance learning struck my curiosity about the experiences students and teachers were having use Zoom video conferencing as a learning environment. For the Fall 2020 quarter I conducted a small study to gain an understanding of some of these experiences. As a result, I created Refelection Rooms.

Art & Graphic Designs

I am a self-taught painter, all paintings are freehanded. For more art visit my instagram linked below.


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